San Diego, CA (December 10, 2012)  LaCantina Doors announced the release of the first folding door ADA compliant ramp sill today.  “After working with architects and designers who were frustrated with being unable to utilize folding doors in commercial spaces, LaCantina Doors identified a need for a true ADA compliant threshold” said Lee Maughan, General Manger, LaCantina Doors.

Compared with the often unattractive, impractical or temporary solutions being utilized by other companies, LaCantina Doors stylish new ADA ramp is the first to comply with the American with Disability Acts (ADA) Code #1124B that requires gaps in walking surfaces to be no greater than 1/2”. Thomas Ego, President, Custom Interior Design Fixtures added “this is the first true commercial ADA compliant threshold available from any folding door manufacturer. It opens up our commercial projects design options.”

Available immediately for order, LaCantina Doors ADA Compliant ramp sill is the perfect solution for all commercial applications including schools, libraries, restaurants and retail storefronts where the interior and exterior floor levels are the same and a maximum sill height from the finish floor of a 1/2" is required.  

LaCantina Doors commercial project options also include door sweeps for exterior openings, ADA compliant bottoms rails, panic hardware, self closing devices and more.

About LaCantina Doors
Since its founding in 1993, LaCantina Doors has remained a pioneer in designing and manufacturing folding door systems. With established popularity for its products in Australia, LaCantina Doors recognized a need in the USA for more choices to the products then available, both in terms of style and value. In 2003 LaCantina Doors moved its headquarters to San Diego, California, where it continues to innovate from its dedicated folding door manufacturing facilities. Creating new “space” for indoor/outdoor living is a common desire, not only for five-star resorts or high-end developments but also for the simple backyard. LaCantina Doors are available across North America and Internationally.

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