Videos Will Educate Consumers on the Company’s Open Space Products

San Diego, CA – (January 4, 2018) – LaCantina Doors (LaCantina) continues to be the leader in the design and manufacturing of large operable door and window systems and is at the forefront of innovation and technology – this time through the use of videos that the company has branded ‘LaCantina Interactive’. The videos will allow builders, architects, and consumers to better understand the company’s open space products design considerations and material options to best fit their project needs.

With so many choices to consider when expanding indoor outdoor spaces, LaCantina Interactive will educate viewers on the design variables of folding and multi slide systems and their material options offering – The videos represent a visual “how-to-design” your large opening door system. The Design Consideration video helps with design choices including type of door system, configuration and door location, hardware and finishes, screening, threshold, and glass. The Material Options video details and recommends the characteristics that work best with the climate of the region they live in.

“LaCantina Interactive will help guide consumers and builders through the process of understanding and choosing the right products based on their preferred system type and where they live,” stated Lee Maughan, Vice President and General Manager, LaCantina. “The creation of the interactive video series puts us at the forefront of the digital experience and shows LaCantina’s innovation extends beyond the products we develop.”

Unlike traditional videos, LaCantina Interactive allows viewers to watch the entire episode or only watch the video content they want by choosing categories within those video of interest, and actively engaging with the content that they deem is important or most relevant.

The videos were produced by Austin Kelley ( who noted, "The traditional model of one video, one experience, is facing rapid innovation. LaCantina is now at the forefront of digital advertising and user experiences. The customer truly benefits here."

LaCantina’s interactive videos are filmed in a high-quality 4HD short story style complete with full-panoramic views that allow viewers to experience how their material and design choices will look from the inside-out, backwards and forwards.  Each short film will assist in how to properly choose, build and design the perfect LaCantina door system. The videos will identify what are the key differentiating points and provide advice on each material and design option, thus providing the perfect educational tool for prospective buyers and builders. If more detail is needed by the viewer, they can choose the “Go To Website” button and they’ll be instantly directed to the LaCantina site.

 About LaCantina Doors

LaCantina Doors is the leader in designing and manufacturing products that create large open spaces. Offering the most innovative and comprehensive range of folding, sliding, and swing systems available, LaCantina Doors utilizes the same signature narrow stile and rail profile across its product line for a complete and perfectly matching door package.

Designed and made in California, LaCantina Doors have contributed to award winning projects ranging from residential, retail, commercial, educational facilities, resorts and is the preferred choice when it comes to products that open spaces. Backed by an industry leading warranty, LaCantina Doors are available across the U.S. and Internationally.

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