Photography by Talbot McLanahan

The clever Z-S Addition overcame three big challenges: How to add square footage without disturbing the existing, street-facing, one-story bungalow; how to work with limited space on a compact urban site; and how to ensure that light continues to flow to the back of the bungalow despite a taller addition butting up against it.

Venice, California

Talbot McLanahan Architect


LaCantina Aluminum Folding Door System

Best of LaCantina 2020 for Most Innovative

Photography by Talbot McLanahan

The new addition — two stories and 900 total square feet — offers a foyer and garage on the first floor with a new master bedroom above. To answer the homeowner’s desire to have minimal impact on the original one-story bungalow, the roof of the addition tucks under the eaves of the existing home. The windows and rear door of the home have been removed and left as openings into the addition to let light into the bungalow.

A LaCantina Aluminum Folding Door System was added to allow the two-story foyer to open up to a deck and extend that space outward, offering plenty of relaxation and entertaining space despite a compact lot.

The minimal lines of the LaCantina folding door give it the feel of a glass wall, unobtrusive and light when closed. Because the wall opening is modest, the system’s ability to fold completely to one side and create a larger opening was appealing to both the architect and homeowner. One of the panels acts as a daily door, swinging out to allow the owner easy in/out access while the rest of the system remains closed.