Photography by Rien Van Rijthoven

This urban infill project is an adaptation from an underutilized, one-story concrete garage that was originally part of an adjacent, seven-story apartment building. The design for this home began at the base of the discarded concrete garage to create a beautiful new single-family residence on Russian Hill in San Francisco, California. MacCracken Architects designed a modern residence that blends natural elements with Multi-Slide Door systems from LaCantina to create a clean and balanced home.

San Francisco, California

MacCracken Architects

Ventana 76 Construction


LaCantina Multi Slide Door System

Best of LaCantina 2019 for Best Compact

Photography by Rien Van Rijthoven

Set at the end of a small alley, the Russian Hill Residence creates a natural transition step from the adjacent seven-story apartment complex to a two-story existing home to the south.

The heavy structural system is exposed internally and left as raw steel with a matte sealant to contrast with the highly detailed interior materials. For seamless integration with the exterior design, matte black pendant lights and sleek black hardware were used throughout the space.

The front of the Russian Hill Residence mimics the same glass paneling that’s featured throughout the rear of the home. The renovated concrete garage incorporates black tile and slate elements to give it additional visual interest.

Photography by Rien Van Rijthoven

The LaCantina Multi-Slide Door System allows an abundance of natural light to shine into the bedroom while giving the homeowners the option to open up their entire master suite to their attached porch on a beautiful day. One panel features etched glass to add privacy to the otherwise open exterior wall.

The entire home is outfitted with flat built-in cabinets and light-colored hardwood floors that evoke a sense of modern minimalism while adding visual interest to each room in the home. This provides every space with a beautiful contrast that evokes a sense of modern minimalism.