This guest house in Palos Verdes Estates, California, was designed specifically to highlight the breathtaking ocean view to the west of the property. By installing a set of LaCantina Aluminum folding doors, the front of the house can be opened completely to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor environments. Outfitted with a spa hot tub and waterfall that flows to the pool below, this California guest house getaway makes a lasting impact.

Palos Verdes Estates, California

Jeffrey Miller Design


Aluminum Folding Doors

Best of LaCantina: Best Compact 2018 

This Palos Verdes Estates guest house exudes a sense of luxurious yet minimalistic living. Complemented by a stunning waterfall, the house lets guests and friends escape the day-to-day in style and enjoy the distant ocean views. With built-in water features, folding patio door wall systems from LaCantina, and ambient lighting, this guest house is bound to make a lasting impression.

The design of this house is deeply rooted in nature. The mirrored set of LaCantina Aluminum folding doors allow for a subtle transition from interior to exterior living environments. With the doors open, the structure settles into the tropical style landscape while the dark neutral colors of the exterior complement the stone used to construct the water features for a cohesive aesthetic.

Designed to maximize the ocean views to the west, this guest house boasts an open floor plan that seamlessly flows to a spa hot tub and waterfall feature, creating a serene getaway. The guest house is decorated in a minimalist and modern fashion, which allows the landscaping and surrounding views to be the focal point.