Nestled in San Francisco, California, this residential home bodes a Victorian feel with an industrial and grounded aesthetic that makes entertaining a breeze. By creating a juxtaposition between the dense surrounding nature and industrial elements, the design of this home is welcoming, modern, and one-of-a-kind. 

Napa, CA

Regan Baker


LaCantina Aluminum Thermally Controlled Folding Doors

In an effort to enhance and modernize this beautiful Victorian home in San Francisco, California, architect Regan Baker choose to incorporate minimalist design elements deeply rooted in nature to create a welcoming, open, and relaxing space. To complete the aesthetic and create an environment that complemented the homeowners desire to entertain guests and family, they installed an aluminum thermally controlled folding door to merge indoor outdoor spaces while creating a cohesive look.  

The overarching design goal of this home was to create a stunning juxtaposition between industrial elements and natural ones. By using aluminum frames for the patio door, dark accent pieces, and furniture that was painted to mimic the look of steel, the space features visually appealing dimension. Adding softer elements, such as plants and foliage, helps create an inviting balance within the kitchen and other areas of the home.

By installing LaCantina patio doors, homeowners seamlessly combine indoor and outdoor spaces while creating a large, rectangular opening that aligns with the geometric shape of the home. These doors offer energy efficiency and ease of use which allow homeowners to take full advantage of good weather while staying comfortable year-round.