The Napa Vineyard Estate project solved a variety of challenges — high ceilings, two patio areas, blending existing architectural elements, and a goal of unobstructed views/access — with the help of multiple LaCantina door systems.

Napa, CA

Gwen Callan Design


LaCantina Aluminum Sliding Door Systems
LaCantina Aluminum Swing Door Systems

The main gathering space of the home is a large room with a 31' high ceiling.

The architect and designer wanted to bring maximum light and views into the space and chose LaCantina sliding and swing doors to resolve a range of project challenges.

The 10' high LaCantina sliding doors created the configuration the architect and designer wanted, blending seamlessly with the 16' high windows, matching the plate height of other rooms throughout the house, and giving the interior and exterior fenestration a uniform look.

In addition to welcoming in natural light, the main goal of the project was to minimize any interruption of the vineyard and pool views while allowing easy access to the exterior rear and side patios. One LaCantina sliding door system connects the home's interior and the pool area; the other creates a seamless opening toward the vineyard.

Swing door systems from LaCantina were also placed strategically to offer fast access to outdoor areas.

The black anodized aluminum of the LaCantina systems complemented the industrial features of the house, including the concrete and steel elements and the zinc roof material. All the details work together, inside and outside the home.

LaCantina specializes in creating folding, sliding, and swing doors that match any design concept and project requirement and make it easy to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Explore some of our favorite past projects here.