LaCantina folding patio doors allow the outdoor entertaining space to become the focal point of the home as it leads to a beautiful beach scenery. With wood interior finishes and black exterior finishes, these folding doors complement both the interior and exterior design of the home. Large glass panels allow ample natural light to flood into the residence while giving homeowners flexibility surrounding the amount of fresh air that flows in as well.

Coastal-inspired wicker furniture make this outdoor living environment welcoming. Blending sand tones and white accents allow the greenery and ocean blues to stand out, naturally drawing your eye. The wicker furniture also stands up well to the sun and salt.

By installing LaCantina doors along the entire back wall of the home, designers maximized the ocean front view and created a seamless transition from interior living to exterior entertaining. With dedicated dining space, lounge space, and tanning chairs, the outdoor environment is set up beautifully for all types of activities.