Flexibility was key to the design of the Dutch Consulate public spaces, and the functional requirement for multiple uses within the public suite was a basic planning principle for the space. In looking at a movable wall solution for the main multi-purpose room, it was important that a high level of finish and refinement in detail be integral to the selected product, and the LaCantina door assembly allowed us to continue the design vocabulary through its incorporation into the main conference meeting space. The clean, minimal detailing of the door frame, glazing, and hardware, combined with the unobtrusive floor and ceiling tracks, reinforces the minimal, international design vocabulary, while providing the ability to quickly modify the space through concealing the door in a relatively small enclosure at one side of the room.

San Francisco, CA USA

High-rise building

Huntsman Architectural Group

BCCI Construction Company

LaCantina Aluminum Doors

"The frequency of modifying the space use, through the opening and closing of the doors, required a high level of quality in fabrication and materials of the doors. The doors have proven themselves, over and over again, to hold up to the demands of the client’s changing meeting needs and perform effortlessly in their ease of reconfiguration."

Charles Uehrke, Project Director
Huntsman Architectural Group