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A rare location deserves an inspiring home. This breathtaking contemporary house in San Francisco is constructed on a sloping site with broad views of the surrounding city. Deep overhangs and angular forms both frame the views and complement the home’s position on a corner double lot.

A spacious sanctuary within a busy city, the home is designed to maximize two unique advantages: abundant and changing daylight and sweeping city views on three sides of the structure.

San Francisco, California

John Maniscalco Architecture | jmA  

Design Line Construction

Strandberg Engineering

Surfacedesign Inc.  

Custom Single-Family Residential

LaCantina Aluminum XO Slider
LaCantina Aluminum Multi Slide – 2-Panel and 3-Panel
LaCantina Aluminum Multi Slide – Zero Post Corner System with Pocket/Stacking Combo

Best of LaCantina 2019 for Best Urban Residential

The home’s open floor plan makes the interior feel spacious and serene. Plentiful use of clear glass and thoughtful placement of translucent glass lets natural daylight flow in without overwhelming the space. Because much of the home’s exterior is tall glass walls held in place by narrow metal frames, multiple LaCantina large opening door systems blend in seamlessly, disappearing into the structure until they are opened.

Photo by Joe Fletcher Photography

LaCantina’s zero post corner system, using two aluminum sliding systems (one stacking and one pocketing) in this application, opens up an intimate kitchen dining area on two sides to the second-story terrace.

Photo by Joe Fletcher Photography

Expansive, aluminum-framed glass panels in the living area slide to one side, connecting the comfortable interior space to angular outdoor seating and an understated fire table on the terrace.

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Several large trees shielding the terrace in addition to sweeping views of the city create an open space that’s both private and panoramic — perfect for entertaining.

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Two LaCantina sliding systems join and open from the middle to connect the formal dining area to fresh air, incredible views, and access to a glass-walled balcony.

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Similarly, a third-floor bedroom suite looks out over glass panels that slide effortlessly to open the space to a private balcony area with stunning views of the city and the mature trees on-site.

Photo by Joe Fletcher Photography

“LaCantina was a perfect selection for the sliding door needs of a project designed around a direct indoor and outdoor connection,” John Maniscalco, founding principal and design director for John Maniscalco Architecture | jmA, shared. “The corner multi slide unit allowed for the continued connection of interior spaces and exterior gathering areas. All of the LaCantina solutions offered unobstructed views to the expansive vistas seen from 270 degrees on the site.”