Photography by Steve King

This complete transformation of a cramped midcentury bungalow into a sleek, contemporary family home answered challenges of limited physical space, client needs, and local building codes with clever design choices and flexible open spaces.

Manhattan Beach, California

Edward Ogosta Architecture


LaCantina Folding Door Systems

Best of LaCantina 2018 for Best Suburban Residential

Photography by Steve King

A family of five wanted to turn their 1950s bungalow on a busy street corner into a modest but high quality, single-story home with a distinctly contemporary feel. To do this, the new design had to answer a number of competing challenges. 

The lot sits at the bottom of a bowl-shaped depression in the terrain, at the corner of a busy suburban intersection. The family wanted to buffer the house from street noise while also adding large openings to connect common living spaces with the outdoors. Meanwhile, local codes severely reduced the available building space, with increased corner site setbacks, height limits, and ordinances protecting the mature tree onsite. To stay within the project budget, most of the existing house needed to remain as well.

Photography by Steve King

Edward Ogosta Architecture’s clever design strategically resolved these challenges by creating a contemporary living and kitchen/dining space that opens on either end and welcomes in plenty of natural light.

The long wall of the new contemporary space closest to the street is lined with cabinetry, forming a thick acoustical barrier. On the outside, site walls elevate the house from the street. Large clerestory windows wash sunlight into the double-height kitchen.

Photography by Steve King

Two LaCantina folding glass door systems allow the main common room to be dramatically opened at opposite ends, optimizing cross-ventilation and connecting the inside living space to a private, tree-shaded courtyard.

To complete the contemporary makeover on the exterior, the existing roof was flattened and the home finished in smooth white plaster. The result is a space of serenity in the midst of a very active location.

Photography by Steve King