Abodu builds Scandinavian-inspired accessory dwelling units (ADUs) that marry clever, minimalist design, premium materials, custom features, and full-size amenities to create spaces that "live" much larger than they are. The 500-square-foot, one-bedroom Abodu One, one of three Abodu ADU models available, was named Best Compact in our 2022 Best of LaCantina awards.

San Jose, California


Residential / ADU

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Best of LaCantina 2022 - Best Compact

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are surging in popularity as backyard extensions of larger homes (think detached office or personal rec space) or separate living spaces for extended family, guests, or renters. Especially in well-established cities, where land to build new homes is scarce and in high demand, ADUs are a creative way to produce more livable space without having to move. And, in the hands of builders such as Abodu, they can also be enviably stylish and well-designed.

Abodu is answering the call for ADUs in California by pre-building the units at their location and then transporting them to the backyards where they will be permanently installed. Three models available — Abodu Studio, Abodu One, and Abodu Two — combine clean, minimalist, architecturally-driven design, premium materials, a curated set of custom features, and full-size amenities to create spaces that function as independent homes, and feel much larger than they actually are.

All Abodu models feature the company's signature slanted roofline; a white, black, and wood color/material palette; and a generous "template" of built-in features, high-end surfaces, full-size appliances, and energy efficient options to which the homeowner can add internal and external upgrades if desired. Cathedral ceilings add an airy feel, and multiple windows throughout allow in natural light.

Abodu Studio, designed to fit in small yards, still manages to contain a full-sized living area, kitchen, and bathroom in only 340 square feet — a footprint of 12' by 28'.

With a mere 14' by 35' footprint, Abodu One includes a spacious, 10'x14' bedroom, a 9'x5.5' bathroom, a combined living/dining room area, and a 9'x7.5' galley kitchen with full-size appliances.

A three-panel LaCantina folding door system (an optional upgrade) opens fully to connect the living/dining area with a deck overlooking a well-manicured outdoor area. A retractable screen ensures that light and fresh breezes are welcomed in, and insects remain outside. Both the bifold doors and screen blend in seamlessly with the dark cedar vertical siding that surrounds the structure.

Abodu Two, the two-bedroom model, bumps the footprint to 14' by 44' or just 610 square feet. Both bedrooms are a spacious 10'x14'.

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