Photography by Jhoiey Ramirez

This innovative residence maximizes the square footage in the back half of a duplex located in Los Angeles, California. LaCantina folding doors were installed to create a fluid indoor outdoor kitchen that’s ideal for cooking, entertaining, and gathering.

By opening the entire back wall of the house, designers were able to create a clean, modern visual that feels open and bright even when the patio doors are closed. This out-of-the-box design was created for the lead designer’s mother, who’s an avid cook and gardener.  

Los Angeles, California

Studio Jhoiey Inc.

Urban Residential

LaCantina Aluminum Folding Patio Doors

Best of LaCantina 2020 Winner – Best Urban Residential

Photography by Jhoiey Ramirez

The goal of this space was to create a constant flow from the home's interior to the exterior. By installing LaCantina folding aluminum doors, the designer was able to customize the size of the doors to create clean, modern lines that suit the space and the homeowner's needs. The back of this residence opens completely to reveal a beautiful outdoor deck with plenty of space for entertaining, which functions as a fluid extension of the kitchen itself.

When the folding patio doors are opened and stacked on one side, additional storage and seating are exposed under the kitchen island. By designing a traditional island that looks as if it's flowing directly into the doors when closed and displayed in its entirety when opened, the space can be continually transformed to accommodate a wide range of needs and numerous guests. The choice of glass also allows the homeowner to take advantage of the ample natural light throughout the space all year.

Photography by Jhoiey Ramirez

The homeowner, Jhoiey’s mother, is an avid gardener and cook, so utilizing the extra space outside was a necessity when creating the overall design. When the folding doors are open, the kitchen island overlooks the deck, which makes entertaining on a beautiful day simple, straightforward, and aesthetically pleasing. Matte black was chosen for the folding patio door frames and the hardware throughout the kitchen to create a cohesive and modern look.

By installing the LaCantina folding doors as a functional wall partition separating interior and exterior, traditional boundaries disappear to create a kitchen that’s truly one-of-a-kind. This unique utilization of the space allows for seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living spaces to maximize the square footage and create an environment that’s conducive to the homeowner’s lifestyle. Floating shelves mounted to the ceiling allow for storage without disrupting the view.  

Photography by Jhoiey Ramirez

The wood plank floors run in the same direction in the kitchen and on the deck to elongate the space. The industrial-style kitchen island complements the neutral colors and minimal design of both the kitchen and the outdoor seating area. With hanging plants, pendant lights, and all white cabinets, the stark contrast between each section of the kitchen creates visual interest that’s functional yet modern.