Photo by John Ellis

LaCantina’s Zero Post Corner System is a unique application that provides the most in uninterrupted views. By combining two door systems, LaCantina is able to eliminate the need for a supporting wall or post, thus making this the ultimate application to maximize any living space. LaCantina’s innovative design allows two separate door or window systems to be connected to each other and not to a fixed pillar to form at any angle. The open corner completely transforms the room to embrace a truly indoor-outdoor living experience.

The Zero Post Corner System is available in LaCantina’s Folding and Sliding Systems and offered in all material types. Using the same high-quality hardware, LaCantina customers will experience the same smooth performance and long-lasting durability with the Zero Post Corner System seen throughout all of LaCantina's advanced products. If you’re thinking about the Zero Post Corner application for your Sliding System, also consider having the doors pocket into the wall for a sleek and out of sight look.  

The Zero Post Corner application can even be applied to window systems making it especially ideal for bar areas like in the image below. A multitude of configuration options are available and can be as big or as small as the space allows. There aren’t any limitations to the number of panels required for the Zero Post Corner System and can include as few as one panel on each side or multiple panels to completely open the space. This unique application is a prime option for residential and commercial projects.