If you’re considering a sliding glass feature for your home, here are a few things you need to know.

Why choose a sliding glass door or wall system?

Modern sliding doors look beautiful, but it’s not just their visual appeal that makes them a worthwhile investment. They also provide a host of benefits:

  • Natural light: Sliding glass doors naturally allow more sunlight in, brightening up the room.
  • Openness: Slide doors can change the entire aesthetic of a home by opening up the space and encouraging effortless movement between indoors and outdoors.
  • Optimized views: Multiple glass panels can create a “window wall” that frames panoramic views for year-round enjoyment.
  • Space savings: While hinged doors open inward or outward, sliding glass doors and wall systems don’t require swing room. This gives you more free space to work with when it comes to furnishing your home.

How big can you go?

Exterior sliding doors can bring beautiful functionality to a large opening or take the place of an exterior wall altogether. Panel sizes vary, depending on where you want your sliding system to be installed and how big the opening will be. Generally speaking, the glass in an individual panel is limited to 60 square feet in size; the panel height can be as much as 12 feet or the panel width can go up to 8 feet. Sliding systems can be configured with two sliding door panels or as multi slides with multiple panels joined together that run the length of an entire wall. LaCantina’s largest option — 12 panels across, parting in the middle with six moving in either direction — can accommodate openings up to 57.8’ (693 ½”) wide.

What material is best for an exterior sliding door or wall system?
You can find a sliding glass door to suit virtually any style of home. The key is choosing a system material that delivers the right performance for your geographic area, with aesthetic options that will beautifully complement the style you have in mind.

  • Aluminum: A great choice for moderate climates, LaCantina’s aluminum sliding systems feature a 2 3/4” narrow stile and rail profile, which allows more glass and light.
  • Aluminum Thermally Controlled: Rigorously designed to maximize thermal performance and strength, LaCantina’s aluminum thermally controlled system retains the ideal indoor temperature whether you live in a hot or cold climate. Plus, this choice allows you to select a different finish for interior and exterior, giving you the creative freedom to specify the colors you want where you want them.
  • Aluminum Wood: Suitable for multiple climates and designed for tall sliding doors, the wider-profile aluminum wood system from LaCantina offers the warmth of wood on the interior with a durable aluminum exterior.
  • Contemporary Clad: Our most energy efficient system, contemporary clad also features an aluminum-clad exterior with a natural wood interior that works with a variety of climates. Narrower stiles and rails keep the emphasis on the glass, for abundant natural light.

Want to learn more sliding system material and design options for your home or project? Our interactive videos make it easy to get answers for your specific requirements.

What type of sliding glass door and wall system configurations are available?

In addition to many size and aesthetic options, sliding doors are offered in a variety of configurations. LaCantina sliding wall systems are available from two to twelve panels long, with extensive options for operating vs. fixed panels, plus a choice of where the panels go when you slide the door open:

  • Stacking option: The glass panels stack up behind one stationary panel, either on the left side, the right side or both (if the panels part from the middle). 
  • Pocket or in wall option: The glass panels slide into a wall pocket, on the left side, right side or both (if the panels part from the middle).  

LaCantina’s wide array of material, decorative and configuration choices let you create the expertly engineered, high-performance sliding door system of your dreams without the cost and long lead time of custom sliding doors.

Live the LaCantina life with your own sliding wall system
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