We all know good design when we see it. In fact, most of us are consistently making that instant judgment whether we have earned a design degree or not. This natural ability comes from our instinctual sense to assess the level of balance achieved within a space. LaCantina understands the importance of balance & symmetry when creating open space products.

In today’s evolving home designs, larger openings that maximize space and natural daylight have grown in popularity, making open space products one of the focal points of design. With large sweeping floor plans, different openings call for different products types and often these varying product types fall side by side unfavorably highlighting the differences in symmetry. By utilizing the same signature door panels across our Folding, Sliding and Swing systems, we have artfully provided a complete and perfectly matching door package that is naturally pleasing to the eye.

LaCantina’s Aluminum Thermally Controlled system was chosen for the multiple product types used in this contemporary home. The symmetry and balance offered in this design from one opening to the next is visually appealing, but all too often difficult to achieve –that is until now with LaCantina. By utilizing the same panels throughout, we were able to achieve consistent sightlines and product styling for the perfect match.