LaCantina prides itself on innovating and redefining areas that have long been left alone as an “industry standard”. As with our Multi Slide system, we’ve created a New Class of Swing Door, engineering them to not only perform better but to also be wider and taller.

Built to measure, this new innovation can provide larger openings up to 10’ tall and 7’ wide when open and more daylight when closed. Unlike typical French doors, our panels feature the same narrow stile and rail profile all around creating balance and symmetry. By utilizing the same door panel across our entire product range, our New Class of Swing Door perfectly match our folding and multi slide systems and enhance overall design aesthetic.

Our swing doors comprise heavy duty stainless steel hinges with non-removable pins, multi-point locks and a wide range of options for both residential and commercial projects. With high Design Pressure ratings, they can be used in both exterior and interior applications and are available in all materials from wood and aluminum clad to thermally controlled aluminum.

Our swing doors satisfy any architectural style, when style matters.