A concept home is an envisioned proposal that has yet to be constructed in the real world. They are innovative, lavish and specifically designed to go viral. LaCantina has chosen four of its favorite concept houses that embrace indoor-outdoor living that design enthusiasts have been debating on the internet:

Cliff House by Modscape

Cliff House is a five-story conceptual home set in coastal Australia with a deep connection to the ocean. The inspiration for this cliff dwelling was barnacles clinging to the hull of a ship. This ultra-modern home was intended to be a natural extension of the cliff rather than be visualized as an addition to the landscape. Many across the web have doubted the structural integrity of the house to which Modscape has responded with: “As the design itself would make conventional construction prohibitive, the concept utilizes Modscape’s modular design and prefabrication technologies to deliver a series of stacked modules that are anchored into the cliff face using engineered steel pins.”

Da-house by Igor Sirotov Architects

Da-house was created by a Ukrainian architect known for his hyper-realistic renderings. His modernist residences are often defined by concrete and create a dark atmosphere. Da-house embodies Japanese minimalism which is supported by micro-gardens throughout the courtyards and structural glass walls like the ones LaCantina’s Multi Slide Systems create. This devastatingly beautiful concept will leave you feeling a certain way. 

Concept/77 by Roman Vlasov

Concept/77 is a stark white residence situated on a rock overlooking the ocean. The structure consists of two living compartments and a boat storage. The design concept is daring, bold and minimal. While no windows exist from the sides of the building, the entire roof is a skylight so lots of daylighting reaches the space.

Chair House by Igor Sirotov Architects

Chair House would be the perfect home for anyone looking to reconnect with nature as it is in a remote forest, embedded in a rocky mountainside and overlooks the ocean. The contemporary glass walls allow for a light-filled interior much like LaCantina’s Multi Slide Systems allow with its narrow stiles and low profile rails to maximize glass. Igor Sirotov has designed this concept home entirely out of a block of concrete and has a Brutalism meets Open Spaces™ vibe.