Photography by Eric Rorer

Home is meant to be a sanctuary, a place to replenish and refocus ourselves every day. How we prefer to refresh might differ from person to person, but a few common things are simply good for our minds, bodies, and spirits. Homes designed with wellness in mind connect us to these benefits — and glass patio doors, from daily doors to large-opening wall systems, can play a big part. Here's how. 

Connection to Nature

A direct connection to green spaces and open sky is good for us not only physiologically (in terms of access to fresh air and natural light) but also psychologically. That's the idea behind biophilic design, which envisions homes and buildings that interact purposefully with surrounding natural elements and even brings those elements inside the built space. 

Connecting with nature through your living space doesn't have to be complicated: it could be a window that frames a beautiful view of your backyard trees, a lushly blooming planter on your urban patio, or a full-lite glass swing door that lets you see and quickly access the outdoors. It can also be as grand as you want it to be: think of glass "walls" that slide open completely to bring the outdoors directly into the inside living experience. 

Check out the High Desert Butterfly project for a home designed around biophilic principles. 

Project by Structure Home | Photography by Todd Goodman, LA Light Photography

Abundand Daylight

Sunlight has a huge effect on us — from regulating our circadian rhythms (helping our bodies know when to be active and when to sleep) to relieving seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the wintertime. Natural light supports our health and lifts our moods, and it can enter the home via windows and doors, glass wall systems, even skylights.

With a glass patio door or a full wall system, it's easy to adjust the amount of light entering your home to your personal preferences. There are several interior window treatments that can diffuse or block incoming light. LaCantina's integrated screens include a blind option that not only deflects heat and glare but also creates privacy when you want it. 

One great side benefit of lots of natural daylighting: the energy savings from not needing to rely on lightbulbs inside during the day. 

An Influx of Clean Air

Consistent fresh air keeps us at our best. How many times have you thrown open a window just to clear out the house? Large opening door systems such as LaCantina's are great solutions for bringing in plentiful clean air every day.  

Concerned about a wide-open door system allowing in insects? LaCantina's integrated screen options give homeowners the confidence to open their doors more often and keep them open longer, so they can enjoy the health boost of regular fresh air. 

Comfortable Temperatures

Glass patio doors and wall systems can influence interior home temperatures in a number of ways. An open door system can invite a cool breeze inside anytime. Placing a door system on an upper floor and leaving it open slightly during warm weather days can help release heat or stuffiness built up within the home. In colder climates, the larger glass area of a door system can welcome in the sun's warmth while still keeping frigid temperatures safely outside. LaCantina's Aluminum Thermally Controlled Folding Doors are a great example of this: advanced Low-E glass panels and thermal breaks in the frame help keep interior temperatures where you want them. This is another area where homeowners may be able to reap significant energy savings. 

A Resort State of Mind

What could be more relaxing than the feel of a vacation at home every day? The sensations of connecting indoors and outdoors with a gentle push of glass panels can elevate the experience of any home. And the effect is even stronger if that open space leads outside to something delightful, like a shady tree, an inspiring view, or the sparkling water of a private pool. 

Performance and Aesthetic Choices

Glass patio doors are often available with features and options that can solve for issues impacting well-being. For example, if excessive noise in your neighborhood sometimes gets in the way of relaxing, request glass designed to minimize sound transfer. If you prefer neutral colors in your home décor so that your eyes can rest, continue that aesthetic with the frame and panel finish of your glass door system. (LaCantina systems are available in more than 30 in-stock and optional colors with additional custom capabilities, so it's easy get the hue you want.) If you crave natural elements within your home, consider a wall system with solid wood on the interior.

Whatever your situation and preferences, you can find door systems that meet your needs and expand your home experience beautifully.  

Here's to your health!