Project by ThoughtCraft Architects | Photography by Mark Herboth

Too often we view our homes as a space for our day to day lives instead of a sanctuary where we can unplug, recharge, and romanticize the little moments. Closed off home design that’s disjointed from the outdoors can become stifling over time. By blending the lines between indoor and outdoor living, you can create an environment that’s primed for reoccurring staycations full of blissful moments – leaving you feeling rejuvenated and grounded without requiring a budget, flight, or family road trip.

Infusing your interior and exterior design with plenty of opportunities to let light or fresh air in will help create a calm atmosphere that we typically attribute to well-planned getaways. Choosing to replace large sections of a wall with folding, sliding, or swing patio door systems creates an elevated way to erase boundaries making it simple to spend time indoors and outdoors simultaneously. It also allows the surrounding nature to become the main focal point of the home – always enticing you to look outward.

Even though this concept of creating a building that focuses on bringing the outdoors in sounds nice, you may be wondering what a home design deeply rooted in indoor outdoor living truly has to offer?

Let me paint a picture of what a day in the life could look like when you reimagine your spaces and create an escape that will make you feel like you're always on a staycation.

Project by Craig McMahon Architects, Johnny Canavan Custom Homes | Interior Design by David Collum | Photography by Dror Baldinger

A Typical Morning in a Well-Designed Staycation Home

Imagine waking up in a king size bed as the sun slowly a beautiful view of tall trees and singing birds behind sheer curtains. The smell of coffee lingers in the space as you walk towards your balcony which lies just beyond expansive floor to ceiling glass panels. As you slide open your patio doors, you smell the sweet breeze of early morning dew.

You make your way from your south facing bedroom to the kitchen that’s garnished in the sunlight – providing subtle warmth as you make your way to your coffee pot. Gently pouring yourself a large cup in your favorite mug, you take it into your living space that matches the aesthetic of your bedroom, allowing the wooded view beyond the walls of your home to draw your attention. Sun peeking through the treetops, golden rays bouncing off the large patio doors, and a small bistro table under a covered patio where you digest your morning media of choice.

To prepare your living room for the rest of the day, you fold open the patio door panels and remove the entire wall that separates the kitchen from the dewy morning air outside. Your pet greets you with a happy tail and makes their way to the couch in a gleaming sun spot that’s warm and welcoming. You pick up your coffee mug and saunter towards the patterned wooden bistro table with oversized chairs and perfectly worn-in cushions to find a comfortable seat.

The only worry you have is choosing what you should eat for breakfast. A light breeze flows from outside through the large opening into your living room to circulate the air that settled over night. You look outward towards the evergreen trees and sip your coffee while you embrace the serenity that encompasses your morning routine.

Project by CB Designs | Photography by John Groo

Bring Your Vision to Life with LaCantina

Replacing large sections of your walls can help transform the flow and overall feeling of any space in your home. By pairing large glass panels with curtains or using a patio door to mark the transition from indoor living to an outdoor patio, you can create an elevated experience that influences your day-to-day routine. LaCantina patio doors are available in a variety of operating styles and materials so you can create the right combination that brings your vision to life. Browse our interactive video gallery here to get inspired.