Photography by Shelley Metcalf

Details matter. When selecting one of the finest door systems available for your home, you should have more than the usual say in how it looks. How it enhances your interior design. How it blends harmoniously with your home's exterior.

With LaCantina's Aluminum Thermally Controlled door systems, you do. Rather than being limited to choosing one color, inside and out, you can instead create a combination of colors and finishes that elevates both spaces.

This "split finish" feature is unique to our Aluminum Thermally Controlled door systems because it's made possible by the same proprietary design technology that gives these doors exceptional thermal efficiency and structural integrity. Both door panels and door system frames are constructed with thermally broken aluminum cores surrounded by interior and exterior fascia sections. It's the broad range of color and finish choices available with these fascia sections that gives you the power to decide.

The Choice is Yours

You can create a split finish effect with any LaCantina Aluminum Thermally Controlled door system — folding, sliding, multi slide, or swing.

Choose from in-stock colors or from 26 optional colors in a wide range of the most popular choices in the marketplace today. LaCantina also has the capability to create custom colors to match virtually any finish, including multi-coat, metallic, and premium powder coat finishes.

Prefer the look of wood on the inside of your home? We also offer woodgrain powder coat finishes that beautifully approximate the warm appearance of real wood.

These choices give you complete design flexibility. Select one color for both interior and exterior, a different color for each, or a color exterior/wood interior combination. Whichever you choose, this door system will transform your home inside and out.

Project by Baan Design Architect | Photography by Cindy Apple

Get Creative with the Possibilities

If your home is contemporary or minimalist in style, you might choose a sleek, metallic look inside and out: for example, choosing a clear anodized or bronze anodized finish for the entire system.

But say you have natural wood accents throughout your home's interior and adore that detail. Keep the metallic finish on the door's exterior and choose for the interior a powder coat finish that delivers a warm, real wood look.

If your home is more traditional in appearance, choose white paint for the system exterior, with white or black paint on the interior, depending on your interior design preferences.

Perhaps your home already has colorful, eye-catching exterior design elements. Find several ideal color matches or complements within our selection.

One of the biggest benefits of this design flexibility is that it's easy to match the color(s) of your home's existing windows on the exterior and interior, creating a consistent look throughout.

Our split finish Aluminum Thermally Controlled systems also include door and window combinations, kitchen servery/pass-through windows, 90° zero post corners, and pocketing doors.

There are more than enough possibilities here to create the look and the features you want for your home.

Project by Build LLC

Bold Performance, Brilliant Lifestyle

Even better than the split finish? The performance. Our Aluminum Thermally Controlled systems feature narrow, 2-15/16" stiles and rails with thermal breaks throughout. Panels are 2-1/4" thick, suitable for high wind environments. This means you stay comfortable indoors all year long, enjoying the beautiful views outside your home, while your door system stands up efficiently to hot or cold temperatures. If you live in an extreme climate, add performance glazing or a sill option designed for weather exposure to create the thermally robust system you need.

Even better than the performance? The open doors life. No matter where you live, there will be plenty of time to open your LaCantina doors, take in the fresh air and the feeling of freedom, relax with friends, gather with family, and move limitlessly throughout your most cherished living spaces.