If you’re in the restaurant business, you know how important it is to create an inviting space to attract customers. Your environment is part of your overall product and contributes to generating profit through the pleasant experiences you have to offer.

Both empirical and informal observation studies have shown that effective design leads to happier customers and higher spending which are all significantly measurable to a restaurant’s bottom line.

Rockwell VT  |  Los Angeles, California

Research also shows that the real motivation behind people going out to eat is not necessarily driven by the food itself but rather for the luxury to relax, socialize and seek a change of scenery (Trading Up: The New American Luxury, Silverstein and Fisk).

A study conducted by Zaltman suggests that 95% of purchasing decisions are based on emotional response rather than rational consideration.

When planning your restaurant design, it is important to consider this psychological response.  Creating open spaces with an inviting ambiance can be crucial not only to draw customers through the door but to ensure that they find their stay relaxing enough to come back.

South West NY  |  New York, New York

Restaurants have embraced this concept with designs that open their environment from room to room. Folding doors have become an increasingly popular choice to transform space. The dramatic opening from the patio to the indoor dining area creates a friendly, social and inviting open space. Whether you are opening a brand new restaurant or seeking to upgrade your current restaurant design, LaCantina Doors offers an innovative, easy to implement and effective solution to enhance your space.

Beatrix  |  Chicago, Illinois

Marc Jacobs, Executive Vice President & Partner, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises noted "With limited outdoor space and a very tight dining area, the LaCantina folding door systems allowed us to maximize every inch of our restaurant seating by quickly going from open to close, providing the perfect solution  Plus, the large glass panels and clean design help create the open and inviting feeling we want for Beatrix".

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