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Although installing a window may not seem like the most transformative option for your home, oversized windows can redefine your home’s aesthetic on the inside and out. One of the most attractive selling points for a house surrounds how much natural sunlight penetrates through the windows throughout the day.

With functional wall systems or floor-to-ceiling windows that open and allow a fresh breeze to flow in, homeowners can migrate away from only relying on utilities to manage the temperature and lighting. Incorporating large windows in strategic locations in your home or office can also add value to your property in more than one way. Here are the 3 different ways large glass windows can elevate your day-to-day life and improve the aesthetics of your home.

Large glass windows amplify natural sunlight

More glass means more opportunities for sunlight to naturally brighten and heat your home. Instead of installing standard single- or double-hung windows, imagine living in a house with floor-to-ceiling windows that immediately capture your attention and draw your gaze out towards the world. By replacing large sections of your existing walls with striking glass panels or a multi slide wall system, you can immediately create an elevated aesthetic that could lead to a healthier lifestyle while reducing your utility bills.

Ample sunlight indoors allows homeowners to move away from turning on every light in the house to improve visibility, which means oversized windows can help reduce your energy costs. Alongside copious amounts of sunshine, large wall windows allow more heat from the sun’s rays to warm your residence. By installing energy-efficient windows, you can keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without having to adjust your thermostat.

The same benefits are also associated with patio door systems. Wall systems combine expansive glass panels with functioning doors to provide you more control over your living spaces, home temperature, and overall environment. With multiple configurations available, homeowners can create a wall system that works well with their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. To view all patio door systems, click here.

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Elevated Panoramic Views

If you live in an area with captivating views, don’t let sections of a wall obstruct your eye line. Oversized windows allow homeowners to stay comfortable indoors during extreme and temperate weather while still being able to admire the world outside.

Picture this: you’re sitting at your desk on a conference call overlooking an almost seamless view of the ocean, a dense forest, or mountains in the distance. You’re immediately put in a better mood by having visual access to your surroundings outside the walls of your home. With floor-to-ceiling windows in your office or living room, you can capitalize on panoramic-style views and let nature be the focal point in your space.

If you’re looking to create a more functional living space that incorporates large panels of glass, consider installing a wall system. To find the best wall system for your home, view our interactive video library here.

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Improved return on investment

Unobstructed views and ample natural light are appealing to homebuyers and homeowners alike. While homes with large windows provide more natural light and improved views, these types of properties also have the potential to earn a higher price tag when placed back on the market. That’s why it’s important to look at the materials used and the energy efficiency of the window because renovations made on an existing home that improve energy efficiency could add more value to the property as a whole.

If you’re looking for a home renovation that can drastically change your residence's aesthetics and overall feel, installing large floor-to-ceiling windows is a smart investment.