The latest architecture trends of 2019 are providing solutions to global warming and sustainability. Learn more how LaCantina Doors makes an impact in these areas and how indoor-outdoor living is perfect for anyone!

Energy-Efficient Homes

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People are making it a priority that their homes and office buildings are energy-efficient to help address the urgent global warming crisis while saving a little money on utility bills. All LaCantina Systems come standard with dual-paned tempered glass which creates an insulating barrier between the inside and out. Offering low-e glass options helps reduce cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. The Aluminum Thermally Controlled Folding System is one of LaCantina's most energy efficient.


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Smart home products make it easy to address everyday household needs. LaCantina is capable of prepping your system for automation before it ships from our manufacturing facility. If you’re interested in automation, please reach out to your LaCantina Sales Representative who will direct you to a reputable partner in your area.

Local Manufacturing

It is no secret that a shift towards local manufacturing is resulting in more sustainable and affordable projects. LaCantina Doors are made locally in Oceanside, California. Being local to Southern California allows us to be in close proximity to areas of high demand for our product. We contribute to green design by minimizing fuel and transportation costs normally associated by importing goods from areas outside of the United States.

Recycled Packaging & Materials

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As the need for sustainability becomes more urgent, LaCantina packs and ships using recycled materials which provide safe transport your new system and smart use of renewable resources.

Small Space Living

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Minimalism and tiny house living are great solutions to those trying to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you have sacrifice indoor-outdoor living. LaCantina Doors are perfect for any space. The innovative design connects both indoors and out, maximizing any space and defines a true outdoor living experience.

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