Dwell on Design Los Angeles, curated by the editors of Dwell magazine, returned to Los Angeles with more than 2,000 innovative modern products as America’s largest design event. LaCantina teamed up with Cocoon9 exhibiting a contemporary, luxurious, airy and space efficient prefab home featuring a full bedroom, kitchen and bath.

The design displayed was an 8’x20’, 160sqft unit with upgraded finishes such as marble tile, wood grain vinyl flooring, a pleated exterior bamboo façade and LED fixtures. Complete with a smart TV, fridge drawers, microwave and induction cooktop. The unit maintains a “container” size for shipping purposes, but is actually built as a steel post beam structure with infill wall panels and closed cell PU insulation conforming to the International Building Code just like homes built onsite.

Featuring LaCantina’s floor-to-ceiling Aluminum Thermally Controlled Folding System that opened the entire room for a modest yet functionally refined living environment. Attendees were able to see how our open space products not only offer a unique indoor outdoor living experience but also tremendously maximize space and comfort in small space home design.

""The Aluminum Thermally Controlled Folding System provided the clean design aesthetic and thermal performance we desired and brought up the refinement of the unit as a whole," commented Steven Chen, RA, Cocoon9.

Since the show, the unit has returned to New York and is on the market and production ready for future units.

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