We hear it all the time: “How do you stand the bugs that fly in when your wall is wide open like that?” Or “I would love to have doors like these, but I can’t handle the mosquitoes.”  

One of the qualities that has made us a pioneer in the design of folding door systems (among other things) is a dedication to solving problems and improving experiences. To resolve the “bug problem,” we offer a selection of innovative, add-on screening systems that not only keep the bugs out without compromising the view (or your home’s aesthetics) but also include options for ensuring privacy and boosting energy efficiency. And each one is designed to operate seamlessly with any of our door systems. 

Which of our integrated screening systems would be a game-changer for your home?

How our Large Opening insect Screens work

LaCantina screening solutions feature durable mesh screens, contained in their own frames, that span the door opening when in use and then retract completely to one side or both sides when not in use. The screens are compact and easy to operate, and the frames are available in a choice of colors to blend in with the folding, swing, or sliding door system they accompany. 

Bugs banished: LaCantina Pleated Screening System

Our cost-effective pleated screen solution offers the most robust protection against incoming insects, dirt, and debris such as leaves and twigs. It stands up to strong wind, resists sagging, and is easily adjusted. One pleated screen system can cover openings up to 16’ wide and 10’6” high; two bi-parting systems will take care of openings up to 32’ wide. Pleated insect screens are designed to be surface-mounted to the frame of your LaCantina door system and to hide when not in use. To see how it works with different door system types, click the “Applications” tab on this page.

Uncompromised views: LaCantina Non-Pleated Screening System

Featuring a sheer mesh insect screen that’s barely noticeable when in use and fully concealed when not in use, our non-pleated screen solution keeps bugs at bay with greater transparency than our pleated option. Top and bottom tabs hold the mesh insect screen material securely in place, preventing any screen blow-outs due to strong breezes. The system features a load balancing technology that allows the screen to glide effortlessly and to stop at any desired position within the opening. A single non-pleated screen system protects openings up to 12’ wide and 10’6” high; choose two bi-parting systems for openings up to 24’ wide. Learn more about our non-pleated insect screen system here.

Privacy and Energy Savings: Add the Blind option with our Non-Pleated Screening System

Adding an optional integrated blind system gives you more control over privacy, sunlight, and temperature while keeping your door system open and the fresh air coming in. The blind system works the same way as the screens: fully integrated into your LaCantina door system and hidden when not in use. No matter which blind fabric you select (we offer five options), this system delivers complete privacy when engaged. The innovative fabric not only shields your interior from sunlight but also deflects harmful UV rays and reduces heat transfer — all of which keeps your interior living space cooler and can help reduce air conditioning use. 

How does the blind option work with the non-pleated screen system? Imagine them installed on either side of the opening. You can fully extend the non-pleated screen, or fully extend the blind, or have the two systems meet in the middle in any combination to balance views, privacy, and light. One blind system covers openings up to 12’ wide and 7’6” high. Or install two bi-parting blind systems for openings up to 24’.  

Year-Round Benefits and Protection from the Elements

Designed to enhance your indoor-outdoor living experience, these screening solutions deliver benefits far beyond simply resisting bugs and yard debris. They preserve views and ensure ventilation. They offer instant privacy when you want it. They provide flexible options for light and temperature control. Most importantly, they make it possible for you to open your doors more often and to keep them open longer, so you can enjoy the health and lifestyle benefits of regular fresh air. 

Learn more about LaCantina’s integrated screening solutions here.