How to Measure for Bifold Doors

Bifold doors – also called folding doors and accordion doors – are a great addition for most residential and commercial spaces. They’re elegant and easy to operate, instantly creating an expansive opening between indoor and outdoor spaces. Ready to add external bifold doors to your home or business? You’ll likely want to contact a professional (builder or architect) for measurement and installation, but for a general understanding of how to measure for bifold doors, keep reading.

To be clear, while our focus here is exterior large opening bifold doors and wall systems, technically these folding doors can be installed for exterior or interior use and for new construction or replacement applications.  

Standard size bifold doors or custom bifold doors?

LaCantina offers standard and custom size bifold door systems to fit any opening, residential or commercial. Standard sizes cost less than custom systems and require a shorter lead time to produce. Since these are created for a particular size of opening, you’ll need to find one that fits the opening you have or modify your opening to work with your selected bifold door. Custom-manufactured bifold doors are made to fit your specific opening and are configured exactly the way you want.

how to measure for interior bifold doors

Measure for bifold doors in three easy steps

Here’s how to get an idea of the bifold door size your rough opening will require:


Check that the opening is level. To do this, use a high-quality level to measure the diagonals of the rough opening from corner to corner. The measurements should be identical.


Take three measurements of the width of the opening — at the top, the middle and the bottom. Then take three measurements of the height of the opening — one on each side and one in the middle. Take the smallest numbers from both sets of measurements and subtract a half-inch from each to get your final width and height. This is the size of the door you need.

Why subtract a half-inch? This allows additional space to ensure that your new bifold doors fit the opening.


Determine whether your bifold doors will fold or stack toward the inside or outside of the home or building. Ensure that there is enough room available for the door panels to stack in the space you are considering. If you’re planning on adding furniture (indoor or outdoor), planters or other features to the space, take that into account.

how to measure for exterior bifold doors

A wide range of bifold door configurations

A pioneer in folding door systems, LaCantina offers ultimate design flexibility with a wide range of configurations. For example, our aluminum bifold door system is available in a range of standard sizes to suit the most popular opening sizes and can be “made to measure” up to 20 panels (10 in each direction) with a total span up to 65’ wide and 10’4” tall. We can create diverse special applications, 90° zero post corners (using two folding systems to open a corner space completely), folding windows, door and window combinations and kitchen pass-through servery windows.

how do you measure for a bifold door

Help with measurements and installation of bifold doors

Ready to add LaCantina bifold doors to your home or commercial space? Click here to complete our Request a Quote form or call (888) 221-0141 and give us an idea of what you’re looking for. We can put you in touch with a local dealer who can assist you with measurements and answer any product or installation questions you have.  

Need a detailed look at how to install bifold doors? Find downloadable installation instructions and watch our installation video series here.