Watch the series premiere of FYI's He Shed She Shed this Wednesday, April 6th at 6/5c featuring LaCantina Doors.

People across America are cleverly transforming outdoor sheds into supplemental living areas. From pub-sheds used as man caves and shed quarters serving as alternative work spaces, to the latest trend of she-sheds designed as female-based sanctuaries, sheds are the latest small space craze. What used to be just a humble garden outbuilding is now fast becoming a way for owners to express creativity and to fill a practical space missing from their traditional home.

In the April 2nd premiere, two party loving homeowners turn their sheds into backyard bars. In California, a pirate obsessed guy turns his shed into a pirate pub. Meanwhile in Austin, Texas, a mega party hostess creates a tiki bar she-shed that’s built for entertaining her huge group of friends with our LaCantina Folding System. You won't want to miss this dramatic transformation!

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