Everyone enjoys a light breeze flowing throughout their home on a nice day. If opening a few windows doesn’t connect you to the outside world as much as you’d like it to, there are multiple patio door options that can help you maximize the views while removing obstacles between you and your outdoor living spaces.

Although large panes of glass and endless views can improve your indoor-outdoor living experience, it’s important to find energy efficient patio doors so you can enjoy unobstructed views and fresh air without worrying about your electric bill.

At LaCantina Doors, we create high-quality door systems that bring you closer to nature and elevate the overall aesthetic of your home. A LaCantina door system can maximize even the smallest spaces while seamlessly blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

LaCantina door systems give homeowners the ability to open areas inside a home that would traditionally be closed off. Fresh air and ample amounts of natural light can help homeowners reduce their utility bills while enjoying a more sustainable home that is in tune with the surrounding nature.

All of our door systems are outfitted with narrow stile and rail profiles to allow more light to enter into your home, which can help save on power bills. But our commitment to our customers and the environment starts with the way we create all of our systems. LaCantina Doors is committed to green building practices, sustainability, and responsible stewardship.

Alongside the support of green design, LaCantina Doors manufactures energy efficient exterior doors that can provide you with beautiful solutions that create a more comfortable home. Every LaCantina door system is crafted using dual-paned tempered glass which creates an insulating barrier between your home’s interior and exterior.

LaCantina energy efficient sliding glass doors are crafted with performance in mind. All of the available doors feature dual-glazed Low-E tempered glass as the baseline standard but can be upgraded to a triple glaze option to provide you with greater performance.

Some of the most energy efficient sliding glass door options are found in the LaCantina Doors Aluminum Thermally Controlled product line. The energy efficient sliding glass doors in this collection are engineered to limit condensation and increase overall energy performance. The Contemporary Clad Multi-Slide patio doors are also an energy efficient option that features sleek, contemporary designs with improved thermal performance to keep your home comfortable in both hot and cold climates.

If you own an apartment or condominium that needs more creative options, browse our collection of energy efficient folding door systems. These doors set the standard for style, function, and performance. Multiple configurations provide homeowners with the ability to get creative when designing their outdoor living spaces, regardless of how much space is available. Folding door systems are outfitted with performance glass to create an energy efficient patio door that can potentially provide homeowners with savings year-round.

With Aluminum or Vinyl folding patio doors, you can open up walls to allow more natural sunlight and fresh air to flow throughout the space.

Through our expansive collection of energy efficient exterior doors, you can find a folding door, sliding glass door, or exterior door that is well-suited for your space. Whether you want clear, unobstructed views or to take advantage of an underutilized corner of your home, LaCantina door systems can be crafted to accommodate and elevate the look of any home.

Get inspired before choosing your own door system by browsing our gallery here.