Vibrant health begins at home — and your home can support your overall health. Here are some ideas for turning up everyday activity levels without needing to drive across town to the gym.

Create Exercise Zones

Look for spaces in your home that make it easy to be active. Some are obvious, such as a backyard, a swimming pool, or a garage outfitted with a weight rack or a fitness wall. Some you can simply create, such as space on your deck or patio for a yoga mat or more open floor space in your family room for dancing or video streaming workouts. Once you find the space, move any necessary equipment or accessories nearby, so you'll have everything at hand when time permits and inspiration hits.

Combine work and walking

Work from home? Find opportunities to turn your calls and dial-in meetings into movement. Stretch, pace around your home, climb and descend the stairs slowly. If you have LaCantina sliding doors, use your free hand to open the system fully and do your pacing outside in fresh air.

Play yard games

If your home includes a sizable, flat backyard, why not invest in equipment that makes it easy to set up a friendly (or ruthlessly competitive, we won't judge) game for your family or your most fun-loving friends? Volleyball, badminton, croquet, cornhole — whatever inspires you to challenge others (and yourself) to get moving and get active is a great idea.

Create visual reminders

If seeing your beloved bike hanging on the wall or your favorite yoga mat rolled up and leaning out of a basket inspires you to use them often, this could be a healthy hack for you: letting your home environment nudge you into an active lifestyle. Even a glance at your LaCantina door system reminds you that moving seamlessly between indoors and outdoors can be a fun, daily part of your home experience.

Make access easy

When your home helps regular activity feel easy and effortless, it's a big support in keeping you moving. Where could your home benefit from easier access? This could be adding a full view swing door that lets you see the sunny day happening just outside (and calls you to venture out for a neighborhood walk). It could be using a door system to open the space between your great room and pool, so you can keep an eye on the kids splashing around, or join in. It could even be installing a two-panel folding door in your garage that allows quick, spacious access to landscaping equipment and gardening tools without having to move or risk damaging a car.

Take a Break

Finally, don't forget to rest! Daily meditation and relaxation lower stress levels and aid recovery time after exercise, to contribute to better health and well-being overall. So ease open that LaCantina door system, sink into your favorite chair, and breathe in the fresh air and the sense of accomplishment. Well done, you.

If you've ever wondered what a LaCantina system could look like in your home, find examples, ideas, and inspiration here.