Indoor outdoor living is at its peak during the fall season. Cooler temperatures make it easy to spend countless hours outside in the crisp autumn breeze. With multiple sports teams to watch every weekend and early holiday celebrations, transforming your indoor outdoor space into a welcoming entertainment area is one of the best ways to maximize your home design and make the most of the current temperatures.

Here are 5 must-haves for entertaining and outdoor living this fall.

1. Layered Textured Fabrics and Blankets

The changing leaves, brisk breezes, and warm sun make a wonderful trio. However, fall weather also means a wide range of temperatures every day – from cold mornings with frost on the ground to warm afternoons in the sun. When creating an indoor outdoor space that’s ideal for spending countless hours in, consider pairing textures to add visual interest and have plenty of blankets on hand.

Styling chunky blankets in textured baskets next to patterned pillows can add a layer of design on top of function. Different textures on rugs and furniture can also make an environment look inviting, cozy, and comfortable. Textured and colored blankets of different weights are a must when having guests over on the weekends – their versatility creates endless possibilities.

2. Energy Efficient Patio Door Systems

Fall is the perfect time of year to leave your patio doors wide open and let the natural air flow keep your entire home cool. Large patio door systems, like sliding or folding door systems from LaCantina, put you in charge of how open or closed your doors are. This can help regulate how comfortable you are inside your home and adding an optional screen adds more flexibility while preventing bugs from migrating indoors during peak dusk hours.  

Patio door systems also allows for ample natural light, reducing the need to turn on lamps or other sources of light. Choosing energy efficient patio doors also means that you can feel confident your utility bills don’t skyrocket in the summer or winter when you’re trying to stay comfortable indoors. A stunning wall system creates an ideal environment for entertaining and bringing the outdoors in when the weather is right.

3. Fire Features for Added Warmth

Indoor outdoor spaces with large patio doors, comfy couches, and plenty of blankets can be taken to the next level with a fire feature. This could be a built-in fireplace, portable fire pit, gas lanterns, or any other type of aesthetic heating source. Fire features not only add visual interest to your indoor outdoor spaces, but also create wonderful ambiance and heat on a cold fall night.

Fire features allow you to spend more time outside enjoying the weather and company before winter rolls through. Who doesn’t love sitting by a warm fire on a brisk night?

4. Pops of Color for Sustainable Seasonal Décor

To breathe new life into your interior design, add statement pieces and pops of color to refresh your décor. Instead of only relying on seasonal themed decorations, consider incorporating more timeless pieces that add color but can be used throughout fall and winter.

Adding a colorful ottoman and bright throw pillows can make a big difference when transitioning your indoor outdoor spaces. Incorporating oranges, teals, reds, and deep purples can complement your existing furniture. Have fun with your indoor outdoor spaces so they are inspiring, welcoming, and perfect for entertaining this season.

5. Low Maintenance Décor and Furniture

It’s also important to choose low maintenance décor when revamping your outdoor spaces. Outdoor fabrics, furniture, and features that are easy to clean make a big difference when you’re looking to use your entertaining areas more than once or twice a season. Investing in natural materials that withstand the elements is a great way to design indoor outdoor spaces that are ready to use whenever you want.

Also consider choosing items that can be covered when not in use. For example, purchase a fire pit that also comes with a removable cover so you don’t have to clean it before using it. The simpler the process between setting up your outdoor space and using it will ensure you can enjoy it throughout the year.

Create Remarkable Spaces with LaCantina

The first step to creating an indoor outdoor environment that can be used year-round is to install patio doors or a patio door wall system. Removing the physical barrier between interior and exterior allows for endless possibilities when creating spaces that suit your lifestyle. Browse our library of interactive videos to explore which door styles and materials would work best in your home.