Once thought to be only a design trend, living walls are taking over businesses of all sizes to become greener. A living wall consists of panels of plants, grown vertically using hydroponics, on structures that can be free-standing or attached to walls. Here are LaCantina’s favorite living green walls that are a breath of fresh air:

Shanghai Natural History Museum by Perkins + Will

Photo by James and Connor Steinkamp

The Shanghai Natural History Museum is a bioclimatic building that draws direct inspiration from nature. Located downtown, the museum’s aesthetic is a combination of traditional Chinese gardens and curved geometric shapes. The building skin maximizes daylight and minimizes solar gain.

888 Brannan Street by Gensler

Photo by Emily Hagopian

888 Brannan Street’s common area features green plants crawling up the wall to create a visually stimulating space, which we’re sure the main tenant, Airbnb, absolutely loves. Gensler aims to claim LEED Gold certification for this project. “We unwrapped everything, took it back to the bones, and made a quiet background,” states Gensler’s Collin Burry.

Modo Yoga by DXA Studio

Photo by Florian Holzherr/DXA Studio

Living walls offer a zen ambiance, so it makes total sense that they are incorporated in yoga studios. Modo Yoga’s studio was renovated from a 1900’s light manufacturing plant into a 6,000-square-foot urban, spiritual oasis featuring a green wall greeting guests entering the lobby.

Etsy headquarters by Gensler

Photo by Garrett Rowland, courtesy of Gensler

Lush plant walls line the hallways of Etsy’s headquarters in Brooklyn. These green walls provide the perfect backdrop for staffers to work in communal spaces. The living greenspace makes the workplace feel more treehouse than a boring office space.

LinkedIn headquarters by IA Interior Architects

Photo by Eric Laignel

The 17th floor of LinkedIn’s headquarters is home to a juice bar, the Pulse, with total indoor-outdoor vibes. Walls composed of artificial green moss are the backdrop of seating areas and designed specifically for the art of selfie taking. 

More than just a visually appealing unique decorative space, living walls improve the air quality and provide many health benefits so it makes sense that companies would start utilizing them in their lobbies, meeting rooms, hallways and reception areas to gain LEED credits.