LaCantina Doors systems are not only visually appealing but they are built to perform, even in the most severe climates and regions. All our doors systems are developed, designed, tested and engineered for optimal thermal performance, structural integrity & strength and protection against the elements.


Testing is a vital tool to our design philosophy and is conducted with every component of our door systems as part of our ongoing product development. LaCantina Doors have been independently tested and performance results have been third-party certified. For complete system performance ratings, please view the performance results. In addition to our standard product testing, we will design and test systems to meet project specific performance requirements.


LaCantina Doors is proud to be a NAMI certified manufacturer. The National Accreditation & Management Institute, Inc. (NAMI) has established product testing and quality assurance validation programs. They specialize in fenestration and building envelope products which includes are but not limited to windows, doors and glazing wall systems. LaCantina Doors have achieved global certification and quality assurance designations through NAMI.


LaCantina Doors Impact Rated Aluminum Thermally Controlled systems achieved an outstanding DP 70 hurricane/impact rating. LaCantina Doors met and exceeded the impact testing protocols to comply with Miami Dade County and obtained NOA approval for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) and other wind-borne debris areas:

  • Large Missile Impact
  • Uniform Static Air Pressure Loading
  • Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading
  • Water Infiltration and Resistance
  • Forced Entry

Our first ever Impact Rated system defines contemporary design while providing ultimate extreme weather performance, protection and safety.

View the Miami-Dade website   


Stringent guidelines are placed upon product seeking Florida approval. LaCantina Doors have been certified to meet the 2010 Florida Building Code requirements for all areas outside of the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) otherwise known as Miami–Dade and Broward Counties. LaCantina Doors also offers an approved impact rated system that complies with the Florida Building Code, including the HVHZ and other–wind borne areas.  Click here to view the LaCantina Doors Florida Ratings Chart

  • Our Impact Rated Aluminum Thermally Controlled system has achieved an outstanding DP 70 hurricane/impact rating. Miami-Dade NOA approval number 12-0206.01.
    • Impact Rated Aluminum Thermally Controlled system FL10980.1 & FL10980.2
  • Our Aluminum, Aluminum Thermally Controlled, Aluminum Wood, Wood and Clad systems have been certified to comply with the 2010 Florida Building Code
    • Clad Wood system FL10980.3
    • All Aluminum system FL10980.4
    • Wood system FL10980.5
    • Zero Step Sill Aluminum system FL10980.6
    • Aluminum Wood system FL16354.1
    • Aluminum Thermally Controlled system (Non Impact) FL16354.2
  • Our Folding Doors can be used in all areas outside the HVHZ as a standalone product
  • Unlimited widths are approved for systems where panel sizes do not exceed 36" W x 96" H
  • We have an approved Miami-Dade (without water) system design, for an all wood system only

Please note restrictions may apply, contact us for details.


The NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) is a non-profit organization that administers independent testing, ratings and labeling for the energy performance of doors and windows. NFRC ratings provide a fair, accurate and reliable energy performance rating to help compare different door products and systems. The lower the rating the greater the energy efficiency.


Aluminum Test Results
Aluminum Wood Test Results
Aluminum Thermally Controlled Test Results
Impact Test Results
Clad Test Results
Wood Test Results


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