LaCantina Doors offer a dynamic and lifestyle changing solution that transforms and innovates open spaces. Our comprehensive range of products are well suited for many different environments and climates throughout the United States and Internationally. From contemporary to traditional, from urban to rural, from the coastline to the mountains, LaCantina Doors will enhance and compliment any architectural style.


A LaCantina door system is perfect to create an outdoor living experience for any home. By eliminating a wall or typical patio doors, LaCantina Doors remove the distinction between the indoors and outdoors, creating an environment of open spaces. This lifestyle choice will positively influence your outlook and attitude.


A LaCantina door system provides a unique opportunity for restaurant and retailers to attract customers and maximize valuable and costly commercial space. Whether creating a true al fresco dining experience or capturing a shopper’s attention, LaCantina Doors interior and exterior applications are a dramatic design element.


A LaCantina door system offers endless possibilities for resort and hospitality properties. LaCantina Doors create large indoor/outdoor spaces that allow you to enjoy gorgeous scenery and breathtaking sunsets with unobstructed views. Our comprehensive product line can accommodate guest rooms, suites and villas, outdoor cabanas and even high rise balconies. Using LaCantina Doors creates large indoor/outdoor spaces that gorgeous outdoors scenery and breathtaking sunsets and with unobstructed views. With destination properties competing for return guests, LaCantina doors adds a 5-Star touch worldwide.


A LaCantina Door system can make better use of interior spaces or create large open spaces by connecting the indoor and outdoor areas of schools, library’s, campuses and museums. Form meets function with an interior or exterior application.


La Cantina Doors - Sliding Doors

LaCantina Doors has created a new class of multi slide door by combining the preferred features of symmetry, strength and performance of a lift slide door system and the functionality of a multi slide. Our new class of sliding door provides optimal aesthetics, performance and value for a complete perfectly matching door package.


A LaCantina door system is the perfect solution for an interior commercial or residential application. Using our proprietary guide track allows for a smooth transition between rooms.


La Cantina Door Window System

Our innovative window systems create a visually impactful statement in any commercial or residential environment. LaCantina Doors window systems come available in aluminum wood, aluminum thermally controlled, aluminum, clad and wood. Completely transform your space by pairing a window system with your LaCantina folding doors or have the window system stand alone.


Our servery window is the ideal solution to open kitchens to maximize space for outdoor entertaining. This innovative application requires no bottom track to allow for a continuous countertop providing the largest pass through opening compared to other impractical window options, such as casements and other window combinations that limit use.


La Cantina - Combination Window and Door System

The combination of a window & door system is an innovative design that allows our bifold windows to be connected to our bifold doors without the need for a supporting wall or post. You can also integrate our single daily passage door with a window system. This unique application transforms and opens your kitchens indoor and outdoor spaces. Available across our entire product line.


By combining two door system, a 90° postless corner system opens the whole corner of a commercial space or living room area. This unique application provides uninterrupted views without the need for a supporting wall or post.